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Veasna's journey started recently indeed – but as LOTR sequels, as we go further we will go in past to reveal fundaments of Patrick Dinklage's story. And, story begins very similar to other artists on the scene. As the kid of the 90's era full of colorfulnes...


In the beginning there was 8-bits. GoaTree heard it, and he thought it was right. GoaTree is Lukas Bartosek, a Slovakian jewel that started his project in early 2000´s but was discovered in 2013. His first music steps were made on uncle’s Atari XL. As time ...


JaraLuca (Lukasz Zajac) is a Goa/Psychedelic Trance project from Poland. His project is a rather new name on the scene, but has already made some punch by releasing a full length album for Neogoa Records. JaraLuca's music can be described as energetic, acidic ...


Various Artists – Svemirski Hod

Svemirski Hod (translated as Spacewalk) is a true trance-dance soundtrack to all celestial worshippers out there, an ode to honest psychedelic trance souls, and an unstoppable Goa liberation train on its jubilee 50th station now.