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Pagoan (real name Marko Gajić), is a goa trance enthusiast from Zagreb, Croatia. As nothing in life is accidental, neither is his story related with love for psychedelic trance culture, specifically Goa Trance. So how did it all begin? Since he was a kid, Mar...


Anders Munk (GoaD), born in 1974, was playing as a drummer in an amateur death metal band at the beginning of his musical path. He moved from metal to the electronic style and became an avid listener of the acid/techno style in the early 90's. When the early G...


Veasna's journey started recently indeed – but as LOTR sequels, as we go further we will go in past to reveal fundaments of Patrick Dinklage's story. And, story begins very similar to other artists on the scene. As the kid of the 90's era full of colorfulnes...


Various Artists – Sadhana

Neogoa Records and Sky Technology return with Sadhana, a new Goa trance compilation featuring some of the most excit...

Various Artists – Svemirski Hod

Svemirski Hod (translated as Spacewalk) is a true trance-dance soundtrack to all celestial worshippers out there, an ode to honest psychedelic trance souls, and an unstoppable Goa liberation train on its jubilee 50th station now.