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Since his first official release Awakening Bodhisattva EP in 2009 by Underground Alien Factory Records, PharaOm published numerous goa trance albums, EP´s and compilations for different labels such as Suntrip Records, Space Baby Records, Sita Records, Future ...


GoAtma (Eylon Kadish) is a Goa Trance project from Israel. The meaning of Atma in Hindi is the part of deity that lives inside each human being, which is an equivalent to the human soul. Eylon believes that GoAtma is the part of Goa spirit that lives inside Go...


Pagoan (real name Marko Gajić), is a goa trance enthusiast from Zagreb, Croatia. As nothing in life is accidental, neither is his story related with love for psychedelic trance culture, specifically Goa Trance. So how did it all begin? Since he was a kid, Mar...