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Journey Into Sound

Gábor Czellár (Journey Into Sound aka Czellux) is a Goa trance producer from Hungary. He was born in 1980. and in his very young age felt in love with electronic music. Although he was interested in various styles, he chose the way of Trance because of its m...

Sky Technology

Horns of Goa (read musical instrument, not animal horns), which come under the name of Sky Technology are all produced and mindcrafted by a guy named Dmitriy Kolosovskiy who was born long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. Well, not that long ago – in 1982...


Negans' sobriquet is Latin for “denying”. His music is a blend of protogoa trance sonic blasts, saturated with eclectic psychedelic grooves inspired by early '90s Goa sound, with slices of industrial and horror-happy vibes and original storytelling. With N...



Various Artists – Turlitava

The adventures of Neogoa continue with Turlitava, an imaginative voyage into the world of downtempo music and deeply ...