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Twinpa aka Ralf Hornik discovered Goa Trance in 1998 and was absolutely impressed by this variant, complex and powerful sound. He started collecting Goa music which was changing its style on a yearly basis. Later, Goa Trance became widely known as Psy-Trance a...


Mirza Aljić (Arronax) is one of the pioneers of Goa Trance in Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first steps into the world of electronic music were made during primary school. Arronax project was founded in 2004 while he was working on his first release for a loc...

The Faithealers

The Faithealers are Kris Kylven (member of UX, Juno Reactor, Syb-Sonic) & Mark Louhio Nomen (member of Kiwa, Headphonics, Highpersonic Whomen). The project was founded in Helsinki (Finland), in 1999 and soon after they signed their first single and a compi...


Various Artists – Svemirski Hod

Svemirski Hod (translated as Spacewalk) is a true trance-dance soundtrack to all celestial worshippers out there, an ode to honest psychedelic trance souls, and an unstoppable Goa liberation train on its jubilee 50th station now.

Various Artists – Sadhana

Neogoa Records and Sky Technology return with Sadhana, a new Goa trance compilation featuring some of the most excit...