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Journey Into Sound

Gábor Czellár (Journey Into Sound aka Czellux) is a Goa trance producer from Hungary. He was born in 1980. and in his very young age felt in love with electronic music. Although he was interested in various styles, he chose the way of Trance because of its m...


Pagoan (real name Marko Gajić), is a goa trance enthusiast from Zagreb, Croatia. As nothing in life is accidental, neither is his story related with love for psychedelic trance culture, specifically Goa Trance. So how did it all begin? Since he was a kid, Mar...


Mirza Aljić (Arronax) is one of the pioneers of Goa Trance in Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first steps into the world of electronic music were made during primary school. Arronax project was founded in 2004 while he was working on his first release for a loc...


Various Artists – Turlitava 2

Since the highly acclaimed Turlitava compilation was released in September 2011, Darko Kolevski, aka DJ Anub1s, has w...

Various Artists – Svemirski Hod

Svemirski Hod (translated as Spacewalk) is a true trance-dance soundtrack to all celestial worshippers out there, an ode to honest psychedelic trance souls, and an unstoppable Goa liberation train on its jubilee 50th station now.