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I was born in the mid 70´s and in the very beginning of the 90´s I got in contact with electronic music, it so as speak, hi-jacked my life for real. My name is Jonny and have been and are still active with various events and music festivals concerning psychede...

Ultimate Xperience

UX has been formed in 1996 by pioneers Kris Kylven (The Faithealers, Juno Reactor, Syb-Sonic) and Pete Martin alongside with live co-woker RX Heaven (on midi guitar). With their first album Ultimate Experience, they covered pretty much whole spectrum of psyche...


Since his first official release Awakening Bodhisattva EP in 2009 by Underground Alien Factory Records, PharaOm published numerous goa trance albums, EP´s and compilations for different labels such as Suntrip Records, Space Baby Records, Sita Records, Future D...