Neogoa is a collective of like-minded people and a Goa trance platform at the same time, founded in summer 2010 by Richpa, with the aim to promote and share high-quality psychedelic trance and ambient music. In it’s short but very active life-span, Neogoa published over 45 stand-alone releases, mostly through it’s main record label Neogoa Records, promoting the new breed of Goa trance music (or popularly called newschool Goa), but also paying a lot of attention towards the discovery of new and talented artists who are exploring retro and acidic sound of Goa trance.

In addition to the main label, Neogoa published music on it’s two sub-divisions, Graviton Records and Ae Records, encouraging a darker and experimental psychedelic trance on Graviton, while keeping Ae tied to relaxed and ethereal ambient music.

With the foundation of it’s visual departments – Neogoa Design (dedicated in production of CD artworks and flyers for some of the biggest Goa trance labels working nowdays) and Neony web design service, Neogoa established itself as one of the most productive and complete Goa trance organizations, dedicated in development of Goa trance culture and art in various forms.