Mirza Aljić (Arronax) is one of the pioneers of Goa Trance in Bosnia & Herzegovina. His first steps into the world of electronic music were made during primary school. Arronax project was founded in 2004 while he was working on his first release for a local net-label (Symbiosis). Mirza’s skills in composing and production evolved along with the breakthrough of VST technology & Digital Audio Workstations, encouraging him to experiment with audio in a software environment. Throughout the period of more than 11 years, Arronax had his music released on strongest Goa Trance labels all over Europe & the Americas.

Born in 1987, he was a child of the 90s, learning about music mostly from television and magazines.  His ears were always attracted to electronic music though, ever since early childhood, which gave him an understanding of structure and composition over the time. It was in 2002 that he discovered Fruity Loops and immediately found the way to turn his own ideas into soundform. With each iteration of this particular production software, Mirza’s skills and musical knowledge were advancing as well. Inspired by a great band, The Prodigy, he was honing his skills by composing some heavier electronic stuff at the time, however none of it was a release material. In summer 2002 he discovered the style of Goa Trance, by a mere accident. The moments when he first heard Astral Projection’s Soundform and Mahadeva, Shakta’s Lepton Head and Silicon Trip, Pleiadians’ Alcyone and Taygeta, were of utmost significance for his music taste. Amazed by the complexity of Goa Trance music, Mirza embarked on a long journey, the one that would provide a new meaning and purpose of music in his life.

Arronax project was founded in 2004 (Mirza was only 17). The next two years were marked by meeting the psy-heads in his country, making connections that resulted in his performances on domestic psy-trance parties and learning more about production in his favorite tool, now promptly named FL Studio. First international release came in 2006 after a couple of his tracks were picked by Psygarden net-label.  In the period from 2006-2010, his stuff was released on CD compilations by Phototropic Records and a few other net-based labels. He was also a founding member of Space Elves, a group of four Goa Trance producers that eventually parted ways after an album was released in 2012. (Space Elves – Terrestrial Planet Finder).

In 2010, Neogoa was born, and so was the start of Mirza’s new production era. He participated in the very first release, Dimensional Gateway, offering a track that was composed in collaboration with Somnesia (Black Hole – Extended Trip). He’s been with the label ever since, offering his music and developing a friendly relationship that culminated in 2014 with the release of his first professional album, Crossing The Rubicon. The album was remastered and released as a CD in October 2015, by Neogoa Records. His other appearances can be found in places like Suntrip Records, Ovnimoon/Timewarp Records, Ektoplazm, Phototropic Records, Dimensional Records, Goa Galaxy, and others.