This February and March we will bring a lot of joy to all Goa-trance lovers out there, with a lot of exciting new relases ready to be unleashed. In February we’re planning to publish back-2-back EP’s on limited digipak versions by Lunar Dawn and Imba. Each CD will have 5 previously unreleased tracks, including some outstanding remixes. Pre-orders for EP’s will kick-in sometime in early Februray, while digital version (minus remixes and with alternative artwork) should pop-up on Ektoplazm sometime in March for free download.


New Neogoa Records compilation

March will also bring our next big compilation project entitled Svemirski Hod, featuring a lot of Balkan Goa trance artists from Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Svemirski Hod has been in the making for a while now and it’s encouraging and awesome to see all these great musicians on the same release. Compilation line-up: Nova Fractal, Goasia, Arronax, Cosmic Dimension, M-Run, Omnivox, Imba, Stellar Force, Lunar Dawn, Oxi, Perfect Blind, Screw Loose & Stevo, Coa Goa, Arcane Voice, Ezoterica, Zopmanika and Main Sequence Star. In charge of artwork, concept and track selection is Neogoa Records label-head Richpa, while Igor at Deimos Soundlabs will take care of mastering.

Last but not least is the new Perfect Blind album (in collaboration with Ae Records). Wanderers will bring trademark sound of Perfect Blind and it should be a real goodie for chillophiles, plus the new album will include collaboration tracks with PsiloCybian and Subscale. Wanderers will be released in late March for free download.

So, there you have it, a lot of new music is coming and we invite you all to join us in this Goa adventure. For more news and previews, make sure to follow/like Neogoa Records at: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | SoundCloud | Google+.