Neogoa Records is proud to present Crossing The Rubicon, the long-awaited full-length release by Arronax (Mirza Aljić), one of the earliest psychedelic trance projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His alias (Arronax) was introduced in 2004, and was featured on numerous releases ever since, across labels like Suntrip Records, Timewarp / Ovnimoon Records, Phototropic Records, Goa Galaxy net-label, Symbiosis net-label, Kalpamantra net-label and of course, Neogoa Records. All tracks written and produced by Mirza Aljić. Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design.

Special notice: This album was re-released by Neogoa Records in October 2015 as a remastered special edition, featuring an exclusive bonus track, The Unknown Helions Guard, an exclusive new mix of Reaching Exosphere (track 2) and brand new artwork by Neogoa Design.

You can buy the special remastered album on CD, through the official Neogoa Bandcamp page or here in our webshop. The number of copies is limited. Free download of the original album (without the bonus & remix) is still available on Ektoplazm.


Crossing The Rubicon

Artist: Arronax
Crossing The Rubicon
Goa Trance
Cat.Num: NEOG029
Release date: July 22, 2014


01 – The Beginning Of Our Journey (144 BPM)
02 – Reaching Exosphere (142 BPM)
03 – The Holtzman Effect (142 BPM)
04 – Dreams Of Planet Earth (143 BPM)
05 – Crossing The Rubicon (143 BPM)
06 – Lightning Bolt (144 BPM)
07 – Crawlers’ Pathway (142 BPM)
08 – Point Of No Return (120 BPM)

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.