Dragon Twins is a project led by Mathias Pico, born and based in Belgium. About 10 years ago, he came in contact with Goa trance through a friend, who said he should listen to this so called music within music. The mystique, energetic and storytelling aspects got him hooked immediatly, thus he started collecting oldschool goa trance releases soon after. A couple of years later, around 2010, he started to DJ on parties as DJ Djuna (or DJ Djunasaurus). After a while, Cronomi Records took him in as a label DJ.

Simultaneously with DJ’ing he experimented with creating music with his PC. Messed around a lot, soiled the internet with his experiments, and found out that software instruments weren’t his cup of tea. Physical interaction leads to creation, finding this out started his love for (analog) hardware and effects, which are one of the most important things to establish his sound. After all, there’s nothing like a filter sweep from a Korg MS-20 that makes your ear bleed! After years of learning to produce, in 2013, Dragon Twins was born. And as a Dragon is, born out of Fire And Earth – a track released on UAF’s Goa Overdose 3 compilation. After that, he was featured on a Cronomi compilation called If I Wasn’t Humand I’d Be A Trance Track. In 2014, he got the chance to release an EP on Neogoa Records, Only For The Wicked, showing his more darker side. This style has been developing since, trying to fill that gap that’s in most modern releases. In 2015, Dragon Twins rides on with The Third Wave, a track released on Suntrip’s Aurora Sidera.

Musically he’s influenced by a range of artists, crossing all sorts of genres: Sepultura, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, … Music where the message strengthens the music, and the music strengthens the message. In the psy scene, his influences are almost everything that was released in the 90’s or the start of the millenium: Schlabbaduerst Rekkords, Deviant Electronics, Chi-A.D., those weird Australian goa artists, … Variation is an important thing for being original and durable, and with this state of mind he tries to create his music.

2015 is also the year he started to perform live on parties, and he already played 2 times in Israel, once Vienna and had a couple of parties in his home country as well of course. With these experiences, he’s even more eager to rock your socks off with crazy, new music in the near future!