Anders Munk (GoaD), born in 1974, was playing as a drummer in an amateur death metal band at the beginning of his musical path. He moved from metal to the electronic style and became an avid listener of the acid/techno style in the early 90’s. When the early Goa scene arrived he adapted to this genre, listening to signature artists like The Overlords, Transwave, Man With No Name and Astral Projection, which gave him a lot of ear practice and understanding of this genre.

He was away from Goa Trance scene for a decade, but one day returned and got inspired by the music he had been away from for too long. Inspired by Tim Schuldt, Dimension 5, Etnica, Cosmosis and other artists he started experimenting with his own sound production in 2011. His style is often characterized by powerful old school and melodic sounds, occasionally slipping into the sentimental trance touch. His main goal is to support Goa trance DJ’s and goa-heads with his music and in summer 2016 he finally released his debut album Galactic Aviator on Neogoa Records.