GoAtma (Eylon Kadish) is a Goa Trance project from Israel. The meaning of Atma in Hindi is the part of deity that lives inside each human being, which is an equivalent to the human soul. Eylon believes that GoAtma is the part of Goa spirit that lives inside Goa heads across the world. His music is filled with ethnic melodies and driving basslines, making a blend of many styles of Goa Trance with the heart of the old and the sound of the new.

From his very young age he was surrounded by music, playing various instruments, until he got a guitar that stuck with him. When he eventually started listening to electronic music, he was fascinated with melodies and the musical diversity in Goa Trance. About three years ago he started experimenting with creating his own tracks. It resulted in Eylon playing at parties all around Israel with a very positive feedback.

He joined Neogoa Records as an artist and released his first EP for the label, entitled Sword In The Darkness. Eylon perceives this as a great achievement, considering he’s been a big Neogoa fan over the years. His debut full-lenght album is being planned for late 2016 release date.