In the beginning there was 8-bits. GoaTree heard it, and he thought it was right. GoaTree is Lukas Bartosek, a Slovakian jewel that started his project in early 2000´s but was discovered in 2013. His first music steps were made on uncle’s Atari XL. As time went on, he kept up the pace too, acquiring a 386 based PC + Fastracker 2 that resulted in birth of various tracks that could be described as hardcore/house/trance/chillout. Some time later, DAW expansion era started to roll things further down the road and he ended up using modern software like Re-Birth 338 and Fruity Loops which has eventually grown to be his main hand of expression. Releasing The Force EP (in late May 2013 on Neogoa Records) marked his entrance to the world of Goa Trance production and that’s when the party started!

Goa Tree had a rather grand introduction to Goa trance scene, the one that included playing at Transylvaliens 2015 in Romania, Live-act night party in Hungary, The Message party in Russia, and then the Neogoa Records 5 Year Anniversary party in Helsinki! Also, he was performing at parties held in Slovakia and Czech Republic. It´s impossible to pin-point an exact date when his musical path had started, but it’s been around 20 years since the Atari 8-bit era. Future looks very bright for this hard working guy as his new album, Akasha Connection was recently released on Neogoa Records and collected some really good reviews. The Force is strong in this one.