The first version of Neogoa project was created as a simple website where Richpa combined his essays about Goa trance history and origins with a database that contained all the necessary information about the new wave Goa trance artists, labels and releases, with one goal – to organize and share all relevant information about that wonderful genre in one place.

Shortly after, the idea of creating a first Neogoa release (which was made to promote the genre and the website) became vivid and the final result was the Dimensional Gateway – a conceptual compilation which can be experienced as a true psychedelic space odyssey by many people. Since then it achieved a cult status between people who are into new wave of Goa trance music who recognized the goal of the release, and that was to truthfully represent the essence of Goa trance music and art.

During the summer of 2011, the visual department of Neogoa – Neogoa Design was founded where Richpa joined forces with iPsy from Art Studio ID, and soon after they started producing cover art and other visuals and promotional material for other fellow Goa trance labels and event organizations, including Sita Records, Suntrip Records, Phototropic Records, Goa Madness Records, Timewarp Records, DAT Mafia Recordings, Underground Alien Factory Records and many others.

Sometime in late 2011, Neogoa was put on hiatus as Richpa worked on the new sub-label Graviton Records, with the idea to present more darker and less organic type of Goa and psychedelic trance music, but only a few months later, Neogoa Records was reborn through the The Omega Point compilation. In addition to releasing quality music and becoming a sought-after design shop, Neogoa also promoted many different artists, labels and DJs world-wide through DJ mixes, daily Goa trance news and interviews with musicians that provided more ‘behind the scenes’ information to the public, and of course to promote the work and music of artists.

It is also worth mentioning that Neogoa achieved a status of one of the best psychedelic trance net-labels, with their highly acclaimed conceptual releases and compilations, always placing highly in Ektoplazm’s and Psynews’ publicly voted annual best of lists. One of the reasons why in late 2014 Richpa decided to found another sub-label – Ae Records was to present the Neogoa vision through deep ambient and ethereal music. The first release was published in early 2015 marking the new era for the label.

In that same year, in co-operation with Mina from Eony team, Neony was formed. The services expanded to professional web design as well. That gave a broader spectrum to an already established service that was providing artwork and flyers through Neogoa Design. During the transition process, in summer 2015, members of Arronax and Lunar Dawn joined the crew of Neogoa and since then the label has been enriched and redefined on so many levels. Now, five years after it’s birth, Neogoa stands tall with over 45 different free-to-download releases that feature more than 90 artists, along with many DJ mixes directly inspired by music released on Neogoa Records. Neogoa designs decorate over 90 Goa trance and ambient CD’s and digital releases in the scene.

The future of Neogoa seems bright indeed. The physical barrier was broken after the first CD Epoch Of The Terrans got released and published by Suntrip Records in 2014, featuring best of Neogoa artists.  In this same fashion, Neogoa started to publish their own CDs – releasing Crossing The Rubicon by Arronax and Kolovrat by Lunar Dawn in late 2015. A brand new website and shop were created through Neony as well.