Nikola Petrović (Imba) coming from south-east of Serbia, city of Niš. Today he is one of the leading modern Goa-trance producers! His style can be described as twilight goa with strong acid lines and cosmic resonances. He has been involved in music production since 2008, and he released one full length album from his side project Space Elves entitled Terrestrial Planet Finder on Dimensional Records back in 2012. Besides that he produced more than 30 compilation tracks, collaborations, and remixes for top records labels in the modern Goa trance scene including: Suntrip Records, Dimensional Records, Phototropic Records, Goa Madness Records, Neogoa Records, Underground Alien Factory Records, Timewarp Records, Ovnimoon Records, Goa Records, and Matsuri Digital.

Over the years he has collaborated with and remixed legendary projects such as California Sunshine, Cosmosis, Dimension 5, E-Rection, K.U.R.O, Prana, and Toi Doi. He loves to put his sound and ideas in Goa trance classic anthems making fat and groovy remixes for the modern scene. Besides his music he is also a core DJ of Suntrip Records and co-founder of 604 Bookings – the first booking agency for only pure Goa trance worldwide! He is one of the major figures in the Balkan scene and head of the Serbian Goa Trance Revolution, happening over the last few years. It’s important to say that Imba is responsible for Future Architecture compilation project as a co-creator alongside with Richpa.

As a live act he has played over 40 gigs in Belgium, Bosnia,Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Spain, and Russia. He has also played at some major festivals such as the Connection festival in Spain, Lost Theory in Croatia, and Nova’s Incident in Belgium. He got big plans for the future and that includes his debut solo album, planned for release in 2015/2016.