JaraLuca (Lukasz Zajac) is a Goa/Psychedelic Trance project from Poland. His project is a rather new name on the scene, but has already made some punch by releasing a full length album for Neogoa Records. JaraLuca’s music can be described as energetic, acidic and powerful. It features numerous acid lines, Goa melodies and a rolling bass line that fits well on any dancefloor. Some people call his music a fusion of new school Goa, old school Goa and Psy-Trance.

Lukasz’s first steps in this direction were made after his friend MiraCeti came back from OZORA Festival and shared his experiences about the Goa Trance culture and music. Since then, Lukasz was honing his skills in music production, and without any prior musical knowledge, managed to craft Perpetuum Mobile, a full length release that came on Neogoa Records and was distributed by Ektoplazm in March 2015. He’s becoming very active in the scene, performing live acts in his home country and also preparing new releases for multiple labels like Timewarp Records (upcoming EP release and a new track on an upcoming Timewarp compilation), Neogoa Records, Goa Madness and Vimana Records. He’s also interested in producing other genres, hence his new projects emerging under different aliases; Psycozamine for psychedelic progressive, Mr ZajaK for progressive breaks, Alien Translator for Hi-Tech / Dark Psy.