Danny Marshall has always been involved with music on the cusp. Beginning with playing the drums at age 16, he was captivated first by the raw metal coming out of the late 80s, and then by the psychedelic rock popular amongst the free-thinkers and outdoor party originators of England.  A move to the picturesque top of the South Island of New Zealand saw Danny attend one of the seminal dance parties in New Zealand history ‘The Gathering’, which turned him on to the new sounds coming from studio innovators all around the world.

He began DJing psy-trance and soon landed a spot on Nelson’s most popular dance-music station Fresh FM. Continually spinning quality sets on the airwaves led to Danny being phoned up frequently and asked to play at parties all around the region. As the music evolved, so did Danny, moving from the energy-heavy psy-trance to the beats with a groove, helping to bring house music to the forefront of the parties in the area.

It was in 2001 that Danny founded what would become one of the most popular and enduring outdoor parties in New Zealand ‘Stardust’. While involved in the production and music of these parties for the first few years, Danny bought himself a PC and set about teaching himself music production.

Lectro Spektral Daze, the trance project of Danny Marshall, was conceived in 2006. From beginnings in minimal and experimental beats, he has now honed his engineering skills and is pumping out large, spacious, dancefloor pleasing psychedelic music with a distinct edge. 2014 sees Lectro Spektral Daze burst onto the psytrance and Goa trance scene with successful charting EPs, a full length album, Psy Trance Powers My Space Engines, and numerous tracks on compilations alongside some of the genres top producers.

In 2015 his 2nd album Voyage in Your Mind was released on CD with much chart success. Danny has released music with iconic NZ lable Fever Records and Southern Cross Records, and more recently with psy trance lables Goa Records and Timewarp Records and Power House Records. After the release of his highly acclaimed EP Out Of Body Experience in 2014, he will finally present his third album Full Fractal Vision on Neogoa Records in early 2016.