Lunar Dawn are Kristijan Ilišinović (1986) and Saša Prečanica (1987), two lifetime buddies who got stuck in the world of music very early. As kids of turbulent ’90s in Croatia and witnessing falling apart of Jugoslavija, they always had a different perspective on the world and on the music itself. Love for electronic music was present from early days. First contact with Goa trance happened in 1996 when People Can Fly was played as background music in a video gaming TV show. Instant love to the sound was born in the heart of a 10 year old boys. Five years after silence, a chance encounter with the same old sound emerged when randomly bumping into Ionized and Let There Be Light tracks on some random CD recorded by their friends.

There were numerous attempts with earlier demo software like Propellerhead’s Re-Birth, e-Jay software like Techno e-Jay (which actually had usable sequencer), but real start of production happened in 2001. Kristijan playing accordion and keyboards all his life and Saša listening to music 24/7 and gaining vast knowledge over electronic scene and always trying to understand what he listens and how it’s done, lead into a perfect blend. Music production was something they always dreamed of since childhood and their dreams came true in 2001 when Kristijan’s uncle brought them a CD with their first serious music software, Propellerhead Reason, one of the first versions. Audio cassetes era was at the end, CDs were getting into story – even Internet got faster. Period from 2003. was marked as experimental music-wise for both, wandering through any genre imaginable, they played numerous live sets always experimenting with new stuff and the most interesting thing – always playing back 2 back, but playing their own tracks separately. From any kind of electro or house, through drum’n’bass, hardcore, trance, chillout, ambient, industrial, noise and dark ambiental music – return to Goa trance was the only real choice. Kristijan (supported by few lads from Trancepleme forum) found that Goa trance scene was still alive, on the contrary of their opinion and old love was reborn. Fire in the heart of an old trancer made things go pretty fast. In 2010. under more thought-out, purposed name, Lunar Dawn was re-born.

Since than they released many tracks on different compilations on other Goa trance labels, a single and remix album on Neogoa Records, but for sure their greatest achievement was the release of a debut conceptual album Kolovrat in April 2015, which was deeply inspired and moved by ancient Slavic mythology. With the release of the album, they received some really outstanding feedback from the broad audience and shortly after they became a vital part of Neogoa Records with Kolovrat being released in physical format aswell, as first Neogoa stand-alone CD release. They played and promoted their latest production and new album in their homeland Croatia and around the Europe, but also investing a lot of time on their new material and music which should see the light of day in the near future.