I was born in the mid 70´s and in the very beginning of the 90´s I got in contact with electronic music, it so as speak, hi-jacked my life for real. My name is Jonny and have been and are still active with various events and music festivals concerning psychedelic trance in Sweden since mid 90´s. Accidently by curiosity I came in touch with Goa trance in 1995 when I bought a CD with a conspicuous front cover and artists with interesting (and funny) names.

I have been freelancing as a DJ since 1997 and I was mainly playing euro trance and deep house. I became a resident DJ at a local joint and began playing on local clubs around my area where I was living. Between 1998 and 2002 I became more or less inactive as a DJ. In 2003 “Lurfilur” took shape, but in a different matter, mostly because of my growing activity on trance sites and communities. My interest for psychedelic trance was becoming to be something more than just music.

It was as late as in 2005 I was persuaded to have my very first official psytrance gig on a friends party and it was here it all began. DJ Lurfilur was borned and I became soon well known in the Swedish psychedelic trance scene. In 2008 I wanted to try something new for all the many newcomers in the psytrance scene, I was booked for a event to play psychedelic trance, but instead, from 142-144 bpm psytrance I played 150 bpm totally crazy goa and soon people start asking for more goa trance. Quickly I got deeply fascinated of this “new” goa and by others demand I decided to become a goa trance dj.

In 2014 I joined Timewarp Records, a Croatian/American goa trance record label, one year later I was requested to join the king of all goa labels, Suntrip Records based in both Belgium and France. Now in late July 2017 I also joined Neogoa Records. In 2016 I also became artist promoter for the fast growing and heavily established giant Nepal based record label Digital OM Productions. My solid musical interest are wide, but mainly concerning electronic dance, such as tribal, techno, house, ebm, progressive and psychedelic trance. I have also been playing techno, electro and ambient music under several different pseudonyms and have been producing a lot of music between 1997-2007.

Lurfilur has many iron in the fire…