Masala is goatrance addict and true believer, from Japan. He is refreshing addon to the Neogoa Records roster in 2016, as Neogoa pioneer in the far east. He is DJ and party promoter based at Japan and Balkan area. Lots of influences took its toll on Masala´s path getting to where he is now.

He was influenced by some of the cultures of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal in period of his life far before being a Goa Trance listener. At first he was expiriencing sounds of Uplifting trance, Euro trance. Slowly progressing towards more underground sound, he passed through the gates of Goa trance in 2011, and after that love for trance made him began DJing in 2012.

Masala plays all melodic Goa trance that feels like cosmic and emotional, morning – newschool or oldschool era, nonetheless. His sets have storytelling based on getting his audience´s spirits in a state of trance. So, his primary DJing concept is story building by melody line. In 2015 he started playing his DJ sets worldwide at some good gigs 2015-2017 in Belgium and Spain, after that at Balkan area and Mexico like Balkan Goa Fanatics 2017, Mystic Mountain (Croatia), Exit Festival, Elysium Island Festival, Ages Of Love (Serbia), Apsara Festival (Romania), some parties in Hungary and Macedonia, Origen Festival (Mexico) and ne:magari in Osaka, Japan.

During the 2018, he played his DJ mixes at 16 parties and festivals around Europe and Mexico.