Negans’ sobriquet is Latin for “denying”. His music is a blend of protogoa trance sonic blasts, saturated with eclectic psychedelic grooves inspired by early ’90s Goa sound, with slices of industrial and horror-happy vibes and original storytelling. With Neogoa Records, the torrents of insanity can now be unleashed through his debut EP release Danse Macabre a 4-track journey into classic Goa soundscapes.

I hate and I love. Why I do this, perhaps you ask? I do not know, but I feel it happening and I am being torn apart.

I shall state in a few lines how Negans was good during childhood, as he led a happy life.  Done. He then realized he was born evil! Spawned in the depths of Winter and growing up in the air-conditioned hell of modern civilization, Negans nevertheless resolved the whole of his spirit to celebrate Life in its manifold, delightful, twisted, tormented, ironic, gloomy and bright forms. Drawing inspiration from all colours and all darkness, chanting the trippy-toxic-sci-fi screams of modern synthesizing machinery over the ever-pulsating thump of 4-to-the-floor kicks, travelling from one dancing mania to the next; thus was the way.