Pagoan (real name Marko Gajić), is a goa trance enthusiast from Zagreb, Croatia. As nothing in life is accidental, neither is his story related with love for psychedelic trance culture, specifically Goa Trance. So how did it all begin? Since he was a kid, Marko was a big fan of all genres of music, and a day couldn’t go by without him enjoying some pieces of it. His first love was hip-hop, a genre in which he was active and he recorded a few songs. Today, he listens everything that he considers is quality music, no matter which genre it belongs to.

His first touch with psychedelic trance music was in 2010. when he stumbled upon a dark-psy trance party, a fun event where he tried rapping at 150 bpms, very very fast. He liked the fast hypnotizing, psychedelic sounds, and a year later with the help of his girlfriend he came in touch with all subgenres of psytrance music. In 2012. which was a big spiritual and musical turning point in his life, he visited his first psytrance festival, Lost Theory in Croatia. There he fell in love with psy/goa trance even more and discovered another musical love called psy chill and ambient music. In the following years Marko was exploring psytrance music even more. In 2014. he visited a very special festival called Balkan Goa Fanatics which directed him towards Goa Trance even further, officially getting him hooked to this particular sub-genre.

During the same year, Marko started making his first chill and then goa trance mixes, using his humble DJ gear. His first project was and still is Etsaman, an alias he used to share his love for psychill music on several gigs. Meanwhile, his work under Pagoan remains exclusively focused on goa trance, which has a very special place in his heart. In 2015. when Pagoan project was born, he made his first mix called ‘Transcendence Goa Trance’ that ended up on his soundcloud where he got noticed by Neogoa Records. After a few dedicated Neogoa Tribute mixes, he became a part of the crew.


Listen to Pagoan DJ mix: