Since his first official release Awakening Bodhisattva EP in 2009 by Underground Alien Factory Records, PharaOm published numerous goa trance albums, EP´s and compilations for different labels such as Suntrip Records, Space Baby Records, Sita Records, Future Disorder Recordings, and of course, Neogoa Records. His frequent appearances on the opening tracks of Neogoa Records compilations have earned him the nickname of “The Gatekeeper” (“Dimensional Gateway 1“, 2 & 3, The Omega Point). His free solo album Under The Sun Of Goa released by Neogoa in 2013 reached 35.000 listeners, becoming one of the most downloaded musical piece of Ektoplazm.

PharaOm (his real name is Oswald Pfeiffer) was born in Paris, France, in 1990. His early interest in electronic music paved the way for him to write his first album at the age of 14. He discovered goa trance in 2005 after he heard the very well known Suntrip compilation “Apsara”.  As a self-taught artist, PharaOm always approached music in a very personal and experimental way, thereby you can sometimes hear him singing, playing guitar or other instruments in his tracks. One of his most experimental music projects, Shelter Ten EP released in 2013, is a science-fiction themed tale that fuses new school goa trance with elements of psystep, classical music, glitch and rock music. He also used to write darker experimental goa trance music under the name of Baron Samdi.

Oswald approached many other genres as well, from new wave and industrial music to witch house, cloud rap and vaporwave music. So far, he worked on more than 20 albums, EP and compilations projects but his personal files gather several hundreds of unfinished tracks. In his personal life, Oswald is an architect that works on innovative technologies such as 3D printing, generative design, robotics and virtual reality. His favorite pastimes includes watching clouds with his friends, reading science-fiction books, and lucid dreaming.