I don’t think anybody cares about how old I am or how I became enamoured with Goa trance, at this point. The answer will probably be along the same lines as everybody else producing music in this genre. I don’t think you will care much. But hey, it’s a bio and something has to be written, right?

Jerome Lesterps, a new/old guy in the goa trance landscape, has (yes indeed) a similar story to many other artists, with a twist. His own story begins with healing. Goa trance healed his depression in late 2009/early 2010. Sitting in front of his computer, listening to everything that went into his ears – hypnotic & repetative vibes, harsh distorted sounds, acid riffs and dreamy pads. It kept his brains from wandering through places ones brains should definitely not wander. And then like a light at end of the dark tunnel, he asked himself how all this things is being created. As a software engineer, he always wondered how things work in general and Goa trance did not escape his obsession.

Releasing At The Mountain Of Madness album on Neogoa Records in 2015, through Ektoplazm, compiled from dozens and dozens of great tracks carefully picked by he and Richpa, he proved himself to the genre he loves so much, and to the audience, who was just waiting for something like this to happen to the scene! The reach and feedback was so good that an immediate decision was made by the Neogoa Records headquarters to put this gem on target for a physical release in late 2015.

The rest is history.

If someone actually asked this guy: don´t tell me you “google-ed” ‘how to make goa trance’ – yes, that would pretty much be the answer.

It’s a rabbit hole I fallen far into, an endless pit of obsession, frustration, self-doubt, and of never feeling satisfied with any output produced. But it’s also people telling you how they enjoy your work, it is people smiling and cheering on the dancefloor, it is travelling and discovering new countries, it is making friends. It is feeding a deep, fundamental hunger for creating something out of nothing. It is keeping my brain from wandering where it most definitely should not wander. It is me trying to pay back a genre that gave me so much.