This mysterious name is a mask of Łukasz Wiącek, currently living in Katowice, Poland. His interest in electronic music began rather early, at age of 14, after his brother introduced him to some nu-school Techno vinyl records. After a few years he stumbled upon psychedelic trance and fell in love with it for life. This made him start the Psysutra project – initially consisting of three people, currently – a solo project of Łukasz himself.

He is completely fascinated by the old school, 90’s psychedelica, but still, he doesn’t run away from utilizing some newer sounds. The acid squelches of TB-303, the unique sound of MS-20, PolySix and SH-101 combined with the old variation of psy-trance kick continue to define his production and performances. So far his tunes were released on a few different compilation releases, and on his debut album in 2014 – Gamma Phoenicis published by Cronomi Records. In late 2016, he released his debut EP for Neogoa Records entitled ‘Nebulla Cebulla‘.