Saluberrimae is a project founded by Lukas Bartosek, also known as GoaTree. Saluberrimae means healthy or healing, but not all of his tracks will heal you,  some will probably bang your head with that unexpected fatbeat or dub bass. He personally thinks that Saluberrimae is musically much more advanced than GoaTree. Probably, he was born for slow beats, even though he found certain passion in Goa trance and psytrance music. In his own words:

Saluberrimae is a romantic schizofrenia, many of my alter egos, visions, feelings, experiences, dark, light, friends, mind, meditation, energy, love…No no no, forget about that, it’s just passion and love for music and the freedom itself.

He doesn’t feel any boundaries in his music, any to-do or need to, and these things hold the essence of the Slovakian slow paced musical wonder. His debut album should be released very soon on Ae Records, a downtempo sub-division of Neogoa Records.