Shamanizm Parallelii is Russian psychedelic chillout duo founded in 2010 by Pavel Yashan (a passionate music lover and a vinyl collector who has been influenced by late ’60s rock music and artists from that era) and Arkadiy Tronets (Goa trance and nitzhogoa producer who has been known by his works under JBC Arkadii project). Pavel started writting music at beginning of the new millennium and finally, after he met Arkadiy in 2010, they started to produce tracks under Shamanizam Parallelii name, mostly experimenting with various styles of electronica, but soon after they established their style and sound, which can be described as a blend between space/psychedelic rock and relaxed chillout music, strongly influenced by dub.

Their first album Lost In Grass was released in 2011. on Fusion netlabel, but soon after, in 2012. they published Psychedelic Dreams album on Neogoa Records and since than they became an important act of the label. In summer 2014 they released second album on Neogoa Records and one of their best works up to date – The World In A Drop Of Rain which had more psychill elements unlike previous records. During the 2015 they worked in studio on the third album which will be released in collaboration between Neogoa Records and it’s downtempo sub-division Ae Records. New album, entitled Tales From Colored Tepee will include 11 original tracks featuring other musicians from Ussuriysk area. It should come out in late January 2016 for free download and it will be a trilogy finale for Shamanizm Parallelii and Neogoa Records, for now.