Horns of Goa (read musical instrument, not animal horns), which come under the name of Sky Technology are all produced and mindcrafted by a guy named Dmitriy Kolosovskiy who was born long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. Well, not that long ago – in 1982. and not that far away – coming from Kiev, Ukraine. His music can be described as Goa trance with strong ethnic motives and acid lines, dipped in rich storylines and details that are built to surprise, never being circumstantial.

Most of the artists within the Goa scene like experimenting with other genres, and so does Dmitriy, which is quite represented through his works in psychedelic ambient and downtempo trance (one of his pre-Sky Technology projects was GoaMaker). Besides making his own tunes, Dmitry is an owner of Ukrainian Cosmology Promo Group, and a compiler of several highly acclaimed compilations like Dancing Mavka, Gamayun Tale, Spiritual Doping and Sadhana that were released on Lookinglook and Neogoa Records. His music appeared on many different labels including Psymoon, Photropic, UAF Records, GoaTrance.pl, Psy Spy, Timewarp Records and of course his appereances on Neogoa Records as a compiler and artist who supported the work of Neogoa since it’s first release. It is also important to say that he published his first full-lenght Goa trance release in 2015 under Sita Records entitled In Search Of Ancient Knowledge and his plans for the future are big and they include big collaborative project with Richpa on new compilation inspired by ancient Slavic history and some new releases on many different labels, including Neogoa Records.