Once upon a time there was a Big Bang in my musical life

According to Stevo, Goa Trance was not the first big bang in his life, as his musical story goes from his earliest age, from classes in music kindergarden, over elementary music schools to finally post-graduate masterclasses with piano in his main study focus. The BIG BANG caused by Goa happened in middle 90ties, when he sailed into the waters of this genre, staying on course for two decades now. Saddened and frustrated with big scene developments at the change of millennia, he decided to become a full time Goa fanatic, fighting for the right “to parteeey” with exclusively Goa music. In his own words, “he was ready to spill his own blood for the future of Goa Trance” in late 00s, and soon after, he met Richpa (founder of Neogoa Records) in an online forum board, Trancepleme, starting a friendship that would mean a lot for the development of Goa music in Croatia in the next period.

His first public DJ set came in 2002, and he continued in his DJing path for over the years to come. In 2010, the very first Neogoa Records compilation was released (the Dimensional Gateway), and Stevo was picked to create the official mix recording named Dimensional Gateway In The Mix. Soon after that, his appearance at Lost Theory festival would set his foot through the door to perform in front of a major audience. His sets received an outstanding feedback and as a result he got invited to play in Belgium at Old Is Gold (organized by Suntrip Records). Stevo’s involvement with Suntrip became even more serious after he was invited to become their official DJ. During summer 2012 he recorded highly sucessful DJ mix for Neogoa Records – Multiverse which was later on published on Ektoplazm.

In 2014, he started following new releases by Timewarp Records, a label founded and managed by Renato Brnić (also known as Nova Fractal). Stevo’s mixes became richer for an addition of Timewarp discography, and soon after that he was a DJ officially supported by three big labels in the scene, Neogoa, Suntrip and Timewarp. Source of his music selection comes from both old and new Goa Trance, and his devotion to DJ-ing shows in his unique and marathon performances wherever he performs, be it in front of a single person, or one thousand people.

Stevo doesn’t run away from music production either. At the contrary, making music was his passion since early days, and it is a public secret that he keeps his work stashed in his computer, honing his production skills on a daily basis. He occasionally performs live on keyboards and synths, participates on big releases as a co-producer, but his project as a solo artist is yet to be uncovered in the future.

Apart from activity in mixing or producing music, Stevo is a well-known party and festival organizer in the Balkans. His biggest festival, BGF (Balkan Goa Fanatics) was held in the summer of 2014 in Zagreb (his home city), honoring the 10 years anniversary of Suntrip Records. Many other parties and promotions were organized under his supervision, boosting the development of Balkan-based artists and labels in general.

It’s good to be a Goa Trance DJ lately. And this is just the beginning…


Stevo in action: