The Faithealers are Kris Kylven (member of UX, Juno Reactor, Syb-Sonic) & Mark Louhio Nomen (member of Kiwa, Headphonics, Highpersonic Whomen). The project was founded in Helsinki (Finland), in 1999 and soon after they signed their first single and a compilation track on the legendary Tim Schuldt’s label – Aurinko Records. The following years witnessed their sound evolving also in terms of production, until they finally signed on Atomic Reactor (Juno Reactor’s label) in 2002. Finally in 2015 they found a new home under the flagship of Neogoa Records with their long awaited album, Until The End Of The World.

Kris Kylven

Born in France (with a Corsican, Arabian & Canadian family heritage), Kris is a DJ, remixer, producer, electronic drummer & visual artist. He lived mainly in London & Helsinki, but is now based in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He was a child of the 80s era, deeply influenced by its culture, he started meddling with electronic music at the age of 11 by programming drum machines, then Commodore 64 , Amiga 500 & Atari ST. Later on, he became an Art school graduate and a fully trained sound engineer. He has been producing music for the past 20 years, releasing many records in genres that are ranging from: electro / rock / techno / trance / experimental to chill-out and others.

He played both as live-act and as a DJ practically all over the world, especially in Japan, where he had a few tours. Kris has a unique way to combine the unexpected by utilizing a very distinctive style in his DJ sets that always leaves a big impression and influence everywhere he plays. He worked with many respected and established bands like: Juno Reactor (Kris is a part-time drummer of the legendary band responsible for the music of Matrix Reloaded / Matrix Revolutions / UK), Killing Joke (post-Punk band & 80s Fame / UK), UX (legendary old school psychedelic trance act from Dragonfly Records / UK / FR), Kiwa (nu breaks Fame / Finland), Kloq (cross over electro / pop / rock / UK), Marilyn Manson (remixes work for the pop star), Holeg Spies (freaky electro dancefloor from France / Japan, Syb Unity Nettwerk (Goa Fame / UK), Element Over Nature (early psy trance / UK), Cyberkrist (early psy trance / UK), Dysmortal (electro industrial project with pAn from Death State 81, Mommy Hurt Head, pAn and the G9 Slug & Grip9), EoN Project (with Johnny Lee Michaels / 69 Eyes Producer / Finland), The 69 Eyes (Gothic rock / Finland) and his brand new project Citizen Of The Universe with Ghetto priest (Asian Dub Foundation/Juno Reactor/Adrian Sherwood / UK).

He also composed music pieces for a few TV shows , TV adverts & promo videos. Kris has been sponsored by Roland Corp. with Roland Scandinavia for over 15 years. As for his discography & appearances on labels, he worked for many major labels such as : Virgin, Sony, EMI, Universal, Big Life, Dragonfly Records, Atomic Reactor, Chill Tribe, Anjuna Records, Transient Records, Flying Rhino Records, KissTheSound Records, Sirius Records, Aquarius Records, Metropolis Records, Euro Media, SPV, EFA, Alpha Matrix, Caroline Records, PokoRekords, Gaga Goodies, Flatline Records, Orkus.

Mark Louhio Nomen

Mark is the main man alongside DJ Mauzer behind Kiwa – legendary electronic music live act & DJ duo from Finland. Started out as a psychedelic trance project in 1995, they soon made a name for themselves playing in underground raves and forest parties. Since then, the sound of Kiwa has grown into a punchy mix of dancefloor electro and breaks. Their music has influences among other styles from tech funk, house and drum ‘n’ bass with driving funky rhythms, rough basslines and cinematic build-ups.

Since 2002 Kiwa has toured on live and DJ gigs around the world from Brazil to Israel and from Russia to Western Europe. Kiwa’s live setup consists of two synchronized laptops, keyboards, controllers and loads of samples and audio channels by which they build their energetic performances on. DJ/Producer Kris Kylven, with a strong history in bands like Killing Joke, Juno Reactor, UX, The 69 Eyes and many more has been flavouring their performances as a live drummer in the past.

Kiwa has worked with many different projects in genres ranging from hip hop to rock, including sound design for the Finnish television and movie industry. They have released their music on labels such as Ministry Of Sound, Digital Structures, Exogenic Records, Liquid Sound Design (Dragonfly Records), Tribal Vision, Bombtraxx Records and Funkatech Records to name a few. Their remix work includes production for established artists like Jaia and Far Too Loud.

In 2007 Kiwa’s On The Frequency received 4 stars out of 5 in the DJ MAG, reviewed by John -00- Fleming. Not to mention the following album Markku was producing at the time, Highpersonic Whomen’s Push The Limit, received 5 out of 5. In 2009 Kiwa’s hit single Drop Control dominated the Beatport Top 100 breaks chart as #1 for 3 weeks. Being one of the best selling breaks tunes of 2009, the single was nominated in the Beatport Top 10 chart of hottest breaks track that year alongside with artists like Plump DJ’s, Fatboy Slim and NAPT.

Mark is also known for his previous breakbeat project Headphonics and has built a good name for himself as an on-demand remix artist and a mastering engineer. Kiwa is currently busy creating new tunes and remixes for your pleasure. Stay tuned, more to come!