Neogoa Records in collaboration with Ae Records proudly presents Time Is A Flat Circle, the debut album of Slovak project Saluberrimae. The man behind the project, Lukáš Bartošek, already released many tracks on Neogoa Records under his GoaTree project, but now the time has come to introduce his downtempo works under his Saluberrimae name. This release comes with 10 previously unreleased tracks in psy-chill style, but it also explores dub, ethno, and even jazz influences, creating it’s own interesting story.

”Saluberrimae is a romantic schizofrenia, many of my alter egos, visions, feelings, experiences, dark, light, friends, mind, meditation, energy, love… No no no, forget about that, it’s just passion and love for music and the freedom itself.”

All tracks written and produced by Lukáš Bartošek. Mastering by Marián Brezovan at Online Mastering Studio with artwork design by Kristína Bartošeková.


Time Is A Flat Circle

Artist: Saluberrimae
Time Is A Flat Circle
Cat.Num: NEOG057, AEREC004
Release date: April 7, 2017


01Trapped Inside (95 BPM)
02Jesenné Prebúdzanie Do Letného Rána (80 BPM)
03Jennifer Connelly (80 BPM)
04Time Is A Flat Circle (70 BPM)
05Loophole (70 BPM)
06The Abyss (95 BPM)
07Čiernobiela (70 BPM)
08Frozen (110 BPM)
09Večerná Ciga Na Balkóne (80 BPM)
10Gestonkenflapped (70/140 BPM)

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.