Neogoa Records is proud to present Until The End Of The World a selected collection of rare and unreleased songs from 2000 to 2013 made by The Faithealers (Kris Kylven a member of UX, Juno Reactor, Syb-Sonic and Mark ‘Nomen’ Louhio a member of Kiwa, Headphonics, Highpersonic Whomen). Project was founded in 1999. in Helsinki, Finland and soon after they signed their first single and a compilation track on legendary Tim Schuldt’s label – Aurinko Records.

The following years their sound kept evolving also in terms of production, until they finally signed in 2002. on Atomic Reactor (Juno Reactor’s label). Juno Reactor is responsible for the score for movies like Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions, with who Kris collaborate and feature as electronic drummer on tour.

Until The End OF The World is an eclectic multiverse danceable soundtrack which travels through a wide range of ethnic & mystical sonic landscapes blending into a futuristic world of electronic pounding beats & hardware wizadry.

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