The new chapter in the Dimensional Gateway series, Veil Of The Moon, ritualizes the annular Solar Eclipse with Goa trance over three different stages, making for the most fitting soundtrack to this event. Even though it has been more than four years since the last Dimensional Gateway compilation appeared (and in the meantime, the team behind Neogoa Records introduced other interesting ideas and concepts on releases such as The World Beyond, Svemirski Hod, and Celestial Transvibrations), this moment is perfect to return to our own roots and unleash fresh works by some new projects, but also welcome back a few of our contributors from the early days.

Veil Of The Moon offers plenty of darker and acidic vibes, but yet it keeps the melodic aspect present in competent and solid Goa trance form. Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design.


Dimensional Gateway 4 (Veil Of The Moon)

Artist: Various
Dimensional Gateway 4 (Veil Of The Moon)
Goa Trance
Cat.Num: NEOG056
Release date: February 26, 2017


Stage 1: Conjuration Through Three Astral Orbs
01Dragon Twins – Illa Tahin (145 BPM)
02Veasna – Dendrites (145 BPM)
03GoaD – Voids (146 BPM) 

Stage 2: Into The Throat Of The Lustrous Spiral We Dive
04Clementz – Black Dwarfs (145 BPM)
05GoaD vs Proxeeus – Acid Implant (147 BPM)
06PharaOm – It’s Alive (144 BPM) 

Stage 3: Driving The Possessed Spirit On Moon Chariots
07Proxeeus – Dagon (146 BPM)
08Negans – Silver (145 BPM)
09Cybernetika – Unknown Entity (153 BPM)

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