Veasna’s journey started recently indeed – but as LOTR sequels, as we go further we will go in past to reveal fundaments of Patrick Dinklage’s story. And, story begins very similar to other artists on the scene. As the kid of the 90’s era full of colorfulness, coming from Datteln (a famous Ruhr region in Germany) he got used to all kind of styles of music – not limiting himself only to one genre which set his bearing forward. Until 2014 he was shy and kept his work under lock, but Neogoa set his spirit free with Quantum Conundrum track on Celestial Transvibrations compilation which was released on Neogoa Records through Ektoplazm platform in late December 2014.

Back to history. It’s probably most notable in his musical taste, which is anything (ANYTHING!) goes. However, naturally, he always had his favorite genres. He has been listening to (Euro) trance music since the early 2000’s and eventually discovered psychedelic trance around the time oldschool goa completely died. With strong sense for technology, his life path was narrowly connected to computers, and led to contact with early musical games software like Music 2000 which pushed him into wonders of production. Veasna’s history in music is vast: Polar Dawn and Inti (experimental downtempo and some trance music), Beyond Nothing (a death metal band in which he played the bass guitar), Kirsche und Minze (funky house-ish dance music), DrKrake vs Jellyfish (remixes, mostly trancy remakes of video game themes), and more (including punk rock, hip-hop and totally random junk).

So far, only one leads to any releases, and that’s the newest one: Veasna. That’s Khmer for destiny or fate – not chosen at random at all. It sounds cheesy to say it over and over again, but his future with Neogoa is very bright, getting more and more heat and starting to play his first gigs like Balkan Goa Fanatics: A Rise Of Balkanix festival in year 2015 and releasing his debut album for Neogoa entitled Energy.